A New Chapter… A New Blog…

Lots of things in my life have changed in the past years, and are going to continue to change in the months and years to come. That’s why I feel it is time to move on from my old blog, and start a new one. I want to leave the past in the past and only look towards my future now. This first blog is going to be pretty lengthy. So please sit tight and read.

In February 2009 I launched my comeback into the adult business. Unfortunately the business is not what it used to be when I was performing full time. So I have worked here and there since launching my return. Lots of companies have slowed downed shooting, have shut their doors, or possibly on the verge of going under. Sad but true. Who what have  thought? The apparent recession proof business is NOT? I guess during the great depression, or last recession our country went through. No one went around interviewing what was of the sex industry.  To find out what they were making.

Since moving back to Arizona my fiance and I started shooting girls in Arizona for a young girl (18 to 25 yrs old) web program we are launching later this year. And of course we shoot for my new website http://www.totallytaryn.com which will be up later this summer. Anyway… About a month ago we decided it was time to take matters in our own hands and start a full on DVD production company. We plan to shoot high end gonzo, reality, and possibly 3 features a year.

The script for our first feature film just finished being written. By one of the most amazing writers in the business today. We also have one of the best director/producers in the business on board for our first feature. I couldn’t be happier.

Now onto the gonzo stuff. We are aiming to shoot one gonzo a month. Although we are going to be more about the quality than quantity of our movies. So if we only shoot one movie every two months than so be it. But we are aiming for one gonzo a month. All of our product will be shot in HD on a Sony XD Cam, along with our photos will be shot with nothing but top of the line stuff. We want our product to have the dirty nasty hard boundary pushing sex I am known for having, but at the same time be high end, pretty, and quality.

Our first gonzo will be shot Mid June in LA. The movie will be directed by myself and my dear friend English Porn star Poppy Morgan. She will also be a director for our company. The cast and locations have already been chosen to ensure we have no hiccups during shooting. Now I am sure you will all want to know about who we chose for our cast. Unfortunately you will have to wait to find that out. I will tell you this all the performers we chose have been around for a minimum of 3 years and are well known for their anal abilities. The first movie will be called Vogue Nasty…

As far as directors for our company they will consist of myself (obviously!), my fiance Brett T, and Poppy Morgan. And I am sure as the company grows (Hoping it does) We will add more people into the mix. Maybe even signing a few contract girls. But that will all come in due time. Like any business it takes time to grow and be something successful.

At the moment we have no distribution deal in place. But hope to have one by the end of June. So we can start getting our product out there onto TV screens. And honestly I see no reason of us not obtaining one. If we are shooting a good quality product, and are using our own money to produce then I feel we should be golden. (KEYWORD our own money to produce.) We just had a sample disk made of some of the older content we shot to show to a distributor this week. Luckily we were able to nab up Club Jenna’s Award winning editor Johnnie 5 to do our editing for us. He is truly a amazing editor and we are very fortunate to have him on board. He was able to turn some old content into something amazing. He is defiantly the man when it comes to editing.

So all and all I think we have a very potentially good thing going for us here. And I am hoping for nothing but the best. I really want people to be able to watch are product and have one of the best orgasms of there life, and obviously want to see more of our productions.

I am sure you are all wondering if this means I am only performing for myself now. The answer is technically yes. I want to dedicate all my time and energy into making this company the best it can possibly be. But if someone wants to hire me for a BIG feature or movie they are shooting I will most defiantly consider it.

Now I haven’t done a proper press release for the launch of the company, and this is defiantly not it. Nor do I want to at the moment. I plan to make the announcement during the Xbiz Summer Forum. So look for it then. It will have all the details of the company, launch party, so on and so forth. I am simply letting you all know first hand of what is going on in my life. You all are my friends and fans that have keep my career going for so long and if it wasn’t for you all. I wouldn’t be who I am today. So THANK YOU!!!

BTW in case you were wondering the company will be called none other than TARYN IT UP ENTERTAINMENT!!!



  1. Good luck!!!

    • Thanks!

  2. have you think about asia?…living cost far cheaper, find more girls for a contract, just way easier here, i have some talent that maybe u can use, cause here adults industry are hard to solid (maybe cause in here we dont have agreement from govern to make it become an industry)…i have an open source website called http://www.bolasex.com, i”ve try to make a front project to look and find out about the industry here, and amaze me they volunteree upload their pics by her / himself, really surprising me and realize that we could have kind of adult industry even the govern had strictly prohibited.
    maybe we could do some works in the future,

    jorshjorsh (twitter)

    • Jorsh – You get me women of legal age 18 and above that really want to shoot and we will figure something out.

  3. hope your business becomes the biggest & best in porn!

    p.s.-i noticed youre coming to nor cal to dance in a couple weeks. if i get a lapdance from you, will you sit those beautiful round ass cheeks of yours on my face?? ;P


  4. Loving this!.. really well done dude..


  5. glad to hear you are back and doing good things.

  6. Great.

    i say this will be the biggest thing ever… i know this

  7. Good luck, I hope this all goes as planned. I know it can be hard. I was wondering if you still planned to do that triple digits swallow though.Or something close.

  8. I’ve recently see your videos, and i’m fan for sure!
    good luck for ur career !

  9. Taryn, you rock!!!

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