Launched, Signed, Shot, Danced, Now Rest

Everything is going very well. Since I last wrote a lot has happened, and I honestly could not be happier. Things are all coming together. I launched Taryn It Up Entertainment, signed a distro deal with Antigua Pictures, and shot our companies first movie Vogue Nasty.

Vogue Nasty was shot on June 15th. It was directed by Poppy Morgan and myself, Kevin Moore did the camera work, my fiance did the stills. We used my favorite studio to shoot it as well. The female cast consisted of Poppy Morgan, Veronica Jett, Bobbi Starr, and myself, now the male talent consisted of Derrick Pierce, Ethan Cage, and Chris Charming. Everyone in the movie did anal, except for Veronica and of course the male talent lol. All the scenes were really amazing. Looking over the footage I was so happy. Vogue Nasty is defiantly going to be a GREAT first release. At the moment the movie is in editing. I can not wait to see the finished product.

The next movies we will be shooting is Taryn It Up of course a movie soley based upon me. Then we will do a movie called Pop It Up a movie based around Poppy. After those to are completed we will start on 2 of our reality based movies and niche movies.

I am overly excited about everything we are doing, and are going to continue to do for years to come. We are really aiming to put out a product that wows the viewers when watching.

At the moment I am currently on the East Coast visiting family, and hanging out at my beach house. Finally sometime for some R&R. It seemed like since the beginning of June, end of May I was going non stop. And boy did it really feel like that. First stop was LA to shoot a scene, then I was off the Sacramento to feature dance at the Gold Club for four days, after that it was back to LA to shoot Vogue Nasty, and finally after that I went to Tampa to dance at Vegas Showgirls. Then of course the LONG drive to Jersey. The drive wasn’t really that bad we had a good time over all, and we got to see some pretty cool place along the way. We also got caught in what appeared to be a electrical storm in Nebraska, that was a little scary. But other than that all was good. Now I am lounging on the East Coast, hoping the marina is able to drop our jet skis in the water today so we can take them out. I also plan to shoot a TON of new photos while I am here.

So that’s that. I was a busy bee now I am a relaxing bee. Till next time.





( SCOTTSDALE, AZ ) – Award-winning adult entertainer Taryn Thomas is proud to announce the launch of her brand new production company Taryn It Up Entertainment. The move solidifies her comeback as Ms. Thomas will perform in every title put out by her new company.

Co-owned by Taryn and her fiancé Brett T., Taryn It Up titles will be distributed by Antigua Pictures and will focus on high end gonzo, reality-based projects with as many as three features per year.

“We plan to shoot one gonzo movie a month,” states Taryn. “We are going to be more about quality than quantity though and will not release a title to just keep up that pace. All of our product will be shot in HD on a Sony XD Cam and our photos will be top of the line. We want our product to have the sort of dirty, nasty, hard, boundary-pushing sex that I am known for, but at the same time it will be high-end and pretty.”

David Peskin, National Sales Manager for Antigua Pictures is excited to be working with Taryn. “We are extremely excited to have Taryn It Up Entertainment on board with us. Taryn is incredible gorgeous, a fierce performer, and I was always aware of how great all of her titles sold. The high quality niche product Taryn It Up will be releasing perfectly rounds out our distribution lineup here at Antigua Pictures.”

Antigua’s Todd Blatt is also excited about the relationship. “I am looking forward to a great working relationship with Taryn. With her great product and our great sales team it should be a win-win for us all!”

The company’s first release will be a gonzo-style movie called “Vogue Nasty.” Thomas will co-direct the project with British starlet Poppy Morgan. Critically-acclaimed director Kevin Moore has been brought on board to do the videography. In addition to her directorial duties, Taryn will star in a pair of white-hot anal romps.

“I am going to pick up where I left off,” Taryn says. “Hard and nasty just the way I like it!”

Bobbi Star and Veronica Jett will join Taryn and Poppy to make “Vogue Nasty” a memorable debut effort.

After “Vogue Nasty” Taryn It Up Will shoot their first feature, “Jon Minus Nine.” The project is a spoof of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” It will be directed by industry veteran Jim Enright and will feature Kenji Styles and Lexi Lamour in the lead roles.

“We feel that the time is right for Jon and Kate to have their own porn parody,” says Brett.

In keeping with their promise to shoot a variety of high quality product, Taryn It Up will then start work on their first feature. Taryn is excited about the prospect of bringing her all-out sexuality to the genre.

“The script for our first feature film was written by George Kaplan, one of the most amazing writers in the business today,” exclaims Taryn. “We also have Jim Enright who’s one of the best directors in the business on board. I couldn’t be happier.”

With all the pieces in place, Taryn Thomas is ready to make Taryn It Up the hottest new production company in the business.

Taryn It Up Entertainment Inks Distro Deal With Antigua Pictures

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Taryn Thomas has formed a new production company and inked a DVD and video-on-demand distribution deal with Antigua Pictures. Taryn It Up Entertainment currently is shooting its debut release, “Vogue Nasty.”
Known as an intense and vigorous performer, Thomas got into the business in 2004 and performed in about 250 scenes to date before taking a hiatus from being in front of the camera. After surveying the landscape — and the economy — Thomas felt it was in her best interests to form her own studio and shoot adult movies in her own perverted vision.
“Since moving back to Arizona my fiancé and I started shooting girls (18 to 25) for a young girl web program we are launching later this year,” Thomas told XBIZ. “And of course we shoot for my new website that will be up later this summer.
“About three months ago we decided it was time to take matters in our own hands and start a full-on DVD production company. We plan to shoot high-end gonzo, reality and possibly three features a year. I wanted creative control over what type of movies I’m in, and as companies are shooting less and less nowadays you just have to take your destiny into your own hands. I can’t be more excited about this next chapter in my career.”
Taryn It Up’s first movie is co-directed by Thomas and Euro performer Poppy Morgan with videography by Kevin Moore. The cast features Bobbi Starr, Veronica Jett, Morgan and Thomas both in boy/girl anal scenes and then in a girl/girl anal romp. Male performers include Derrick Pierce, Chris Charming and Ethan Cage.
Future plans for the company call for high-end gonzo releases “that have hard, nasty boundary-pushing sex that I am known for, but at the same time it is going to be pretty, and shot in great locations; some may have plots or story lines. Basically, we are going to produce one hell of a product,” Thomas said.
After “Vogue Nasty” wraps this week, Taryn It Up has plans to spoof the popular “Jon & Kate Plus 8” reality show, christening its version, “Jon Minus Nine.” Keni Styles will play Jon and Lexi Lamour is slated to play Kate. Jim Enright is on board to direct the parody.
As for its distribution deal with Antigua Pictures, Thomas couldn’t be more pleased with the arrangement. Thomas will exclusively be performing only for her company.
“I am so happy to be with Antigua Pictures,” she said. “Todd [Blatt] and Dave [Peskin] are great people. It’s like one big family over there and it’s a perfect place for Taryn It Up to be. I think the relationship is really good and is going to help Taryn It Up grow into the company that it needs to be and will be. They are very focused and know how to turn out good product.”
Dave Peskin, Antigua’s sales manager, will rep the line for domestic and international DVD, VOD and broadcast distribution.
“To us, Taryn has the whole package, and she’s proven it,” Peskin told XBIZ. “She was a top performer in the business and we certainly look forward to having her back there — she’s a fierce performer. The product she’s going to be releasing is diverse from high-end gonzo to storyline feature to gonzo niche lines like big boobs and MILFs. I think she’s going to find her niche nicely in the marketplace.”
Peskin anticipates Taryn It Up’s debut release to come in September.
“I’m excited to see her back in action, and we’re going to do a good job on the distribution end for her company,” Antigua’s Todd Blatt told XBIZ. “She’s very determined to put out a quality product, and if she follows through, I think this will be a successful venture. I’m excited to see the finished product.”